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My Soft Snug Experience

by Bangsar Babe

Slimming pants aren’t something I look out for because my legs have always been on the smaller side, in proportion to my upper body. I’ve always had a thigh gap and that’s not entirely a good thing, trust me. Naturally, I had my reservations with Soft Snug’s Mint+ Hot Pants – what more can it do, right?


Soft Snug Mint+ Hot Pants

Or so I thought.

While my hips and thighs may not be large, they could be firmer. My legs don’t sweat as much whenever I work out or do yoga, probably because I don’t push myself as hard. But my yoga instructor does. And she’s tough!


Specially designed with SoftSnug™ fabrics for optimum results


I’ve used the pants for my yoga sessions and it made me perspire more. It feels as though I’m being wrapped in a wetsuit, but a more comfortable one. The pants are warm in general, so you will sweat even when you’re not exercising.


Soft Snug Mint24 Hot Pants + Sauna Plus Top Soft Snug

It’s fairly easy to use and is true to size – I wear an XS or S. You need to make sure the pants aren’t too tight (else you’d suffocate) nor too loose (else, it wouldn’t be useful). When used regularly, the pants are said to be able to “mould” your body and shape it better.


Three-dimension weaving and interlacing fabric to shape the body and target problem areas

Whether it’s true or not, I’ve yet to find out. But you’re sure to sweat like crazy in them, which in a way, tightens those flabby parts. Heck, I was sweating even as I was driving to my yoga class! I’ve noticed some difference in my inner and outer thighs – they feel firmer. But they didn’t reduce in size, mainly because I don’t have much to lose in my legs. :P


Ok don’t laugh. I’m still trying to master the “Warrior Pose”.

What I really like is their Sauna Plus Top Soft Snug as it targets the areas I want to tighten — like my arms and also the waist. I tend to put on weight on my upper body, so this top has been (so far) quite effective in making me sweat in those problem areas. Fingers crossed my arms would look and feel slimmer after using them for a few weeks. ;)

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