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Going places with Baby Belle

by Bangsar Babe

Baby Belle is the first car I own and one that has made many, many good memories with me. I still remember the thrill I had when I got her – a huge sense of pride because I could afford to buy a car on my own, at the age of 22. She isn’t just a symbol of my financial independence, but my trusted companion and enabler.


Baby Belle, getting her engine fine-tuned

I remember my parents sharing their concerns about me purchasing a small car as they were worried about my safety on the road. But she stood the test of time and over the years, took me from point A to B, and allowed rif and I to go all over Peninsula Malaysia and beyond.


Hatyai Floating Market

Yes, Baby Belle even got us to Hatyai easily and comfortably. And she takes us on our many road trips with friends and family where we explored different cultures, tried different cuisines and formed many good memories along the way. There are just so many things I’m grateful for with Baby Belle and no car can ever replace her in my heart.


Seafood in Taiping


Thai Food in Hatyai

I used to think I was giving her the best care when I send her in for servicing – the most expensive lubricants, polishing and regular checks on her brakes. But I learnt at the Love My Ride Festival by Shell Helix Ultra, that I wasn’t giving her the best. Which shocked me to discover that the engine oil she’s been getting wasn’t the best for her.


Love My Ride Festival earlier this year

It’s more important for me to give her nothing but the best as she has been on the road for years and if I don’t start caring for her engine better, it will affect her performance on the road. Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology is made from natural gas into crystal clear base oil, and its Active Cleansing Technology component cleans the engine for long-term protection.

These days, rif and I use Shell V-Power Racing for Baby Belle because we feel she can really benefit from it. We’ve always given her Ron 97 but with Shell V-Power Racing, it feels as though she’s been given a booster. She’s smoother to drive and definitely more fun.

Apart from engine maintenance, we (more of rif) make sure her interior and exterior is tidy. So she’s always comfortable to sit in since we go for trips and food hunts with friends and family.

She gets a bath once a fortnight partly because I don’t want to risk removing her blue coat and she’s due for a body touch-up soon. Her tires are kept in good form (for long distance travels) and brake pads serviced frequently to ensure we’re safe on the road.

Hopefully, she’s able to stay with us and keep us happy on the road for longer.

For those who are interested to know more about the amount of time we spend on the road, check out the cool infographic below:


Scuderia Ferrari Mug - Red

I’ll be giving away limited edition 3 Scuderia Ferrari Mugs to those of you who can answer the question below:

What engine oil from Shell is Baby Belle currently using?

a) Shell Helix PurePlus
b) Shell Ultra Helix with PurePlus Technology
c) Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology

Email your answers to [email protected] or place them in the comment box in this post by 31 January 2016. Don’t forget to leave your email and contact number so I can contact you should you be one of the winners.

All the best! :)

For more information about Shell Helix Ultra, click here.

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