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DRx Clinic: Dual Yellow Combi Laser

by Bangsar Babe

When I started my skincare treatment with DRx Clinic, Dr. Chiam highlighted some of my skin problems and assured me she would address them accordingly. A few months later, I was at the clinic ready to try the Dual Yellow Combi Laser, which is aimed to reduce the appearance of spots and restore glow to my face. This procedure is safe as it does not damage the outermost layer of the skin.

“The treatment isn’t painful.”

Those were Dr. Chiam’s words and she was right. It wasn’t at all pain. In fact, I found the process to be rather comfortable – who would have thought thousands of pulses per second would be this relaxing. It’s like having a warm, pulsating massage.


Gel is applied onto my face and reapplied throughout the process

My skin was thoroughly cleansed and laser protective goggles were placed over my eyes for protection. A yellow laser beam is directed at my problem areas to stimulate collagen growth and reduce my facial capillaries.

The session lasted about 15 minutes (+30 minutes for the soothing gel to be applied) and there was no downtime. My skin appeared brighter, tighter and glowing. I was told some areas might appear pink for up to an hour, which can be easily covered with makeup. I didn’t need that. All I had on after the treatment was some moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated.


Dr. Chiam, working on my cheeks and eyebags

The Dual Yellow Combi Laser is great for treating acne problems as the light specifically targets and destroys Protoporphorian IX, a chemical released by the bacteria that causes acne. Results are said to last with three to four sessions a year.


After the session, without makeup save for my eyelashes

A Dual Yellow Combi Laser session at DRx costs RM1250, and a package of 10 sessions is priced at RM5,000. For more information, go to their website here or follow them on Facebook here. It’s been four days since my treatment and my skin is still looking its best. ;)

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