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Homemade lasagne for our potluck lunch


rif, topping up his lasagne with mozzarella and parmesan cheese

The kitchen is a woman’s territory, so they say. Most men would leave the kitchen area to their wife but my other half takes on a different approach – the kitchen ALSO belongs to him. Bad because I want control in the kitchen and he pushes his way around. Good because he cooks for me. 😀


Bolognese sauce made from scratch 🙂


Homemade lasagne

He prepared lasagne for our recent potluck lunch, using bolognese which he made from scratch and three types of cheese – ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan. I must say, it was better than many of the lasagne I’ve tried outside. Don’t think I will order lasagne at a restaurant anymore hahaha!


Potluck lunch


Rich and saucy


Caesar salad


Orecchiette pasta and peas salad

I must let him experiment in the kitchen more often because that way, I get to eat good food and do the dishes in return. Win win. 😉


Smoked salmon pizza


A slice of goodness

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  1. i love lasagna! this look really good~ =D

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