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Nokia 3310

I remember my first mobile phone – a Nokia 3310. It was a gift from my dad in year 2000 and he got me a Hotlink starter pack that cost him RM200 or so. I can’t quite remember because that was ages ago. Back then, I made it a point to maximize the number of words I could type in a single SMS to save money. That’s how Chinese I am haha!

Because there was no data plan, I used up my credit quite quickly. And dad was mad pissed when I told him I needed more $$ to top up my phone.

MMS0358_Hotlink StarterPack_2

Over the years, Hotlink grew with the changing social trends, and the new Hotlink Social Edition Starter Pack now offers unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for up to 5 days from the activation date. From as low as RM10. That’s like, 95% cheaper than the Hotlink starter pack 13 years ago!


The free unlimited social access to Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter is accessible on any mobile browser and if you’re an existing Hotlink customer, RM10 top-up with a Hotlink Social Edition Hot Ticket gives you RM7 worth of airtime for local calls & SMS, free 100MB daily, free 1GB between 2am – 7am.


Communicating even at the gym

If you’re an internet junkie and need to stay connected all the time, the Hotlink Social Edition is for you. As one who juggles with her full time career and blog, I make sure I’m always connected on the go.

Sue Lynn

I stay connected practically anywhere!

I use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with my readers and fans, and WhatsApp to stay in touch with my friends and family. Data wasn’t so easily (and cheaply) available 2-3 years back, but now, the sky’s the limit!

If you aren’t already a Hotlink user, pick up the New Hotlink Social Edition starter pack today! You’re just one step away from enjoying RM5 airtime, free 50MB of data daily and unlimited access to your social media networks. Click HERE to find out more and get started.

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