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March 13, 2013


Met up with Ben and some friends he got to know (when he backpacked to Vang Vieng) for dinner last night and I envy them. So carefree and full of energy, and all go with the flow. Literally. I wished I could be like these people – not having to plan my next course in life, happy with things as simple as a good (cheap) beer and having the time of my life.


Picture credit: google.com

These guys are street smart, knowledgeable and determined to see and experience as much as they can. They’ve been to more parts of Asia than I have been, and all have great stories to tell me – some funny, some dreadful, but all entertaining.

If only I could drop everything and just pack my basic necessity and go wherever my mood takes me. All my holidays are planned – sometimes very detailed – by rif. My only impromptu trip was when I flew to Bangkok in 2011 to see Christy. Bought the tickets 2 nights before without telling rif and then I was off! It felt good, but I felt bad for not talking things through with rif.

I guess it happens when you grow up together and build your life around each other. Parts of you are going to rub off on the other half, and I guess his over-planning and structured thinking somewhat rubbed off on me.


Backpacking in Europe is easier… (Picture credit: google.com)

Super tempted to go to Vietnam or even Laos now. I know rif isn’t going to want to go to these places and he’s probably worried if I go alone. I’ve been so sheltered by him and my parents, I don’t know if I’ll survive a backpacking trip in Asia. Europe was easy, but Asia will be a big challenge for me.

Don’t know if I can stand waking up from the ticking of a cockroach, or if a spider falls on my face while sleeping. 😯 And rif has been in charge of most of our holidays (including packing my conditioner and toothpaste!), I’m going to struggle a little bit without him by my side.

Maybe I should just do it … so I can toughen up. 😛

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8 Responses

  1. ulric

    U shud go Vietnam n try the street food there…you will love it! =)

    1. Bangsar Babe

      That was the plan. But I need a good partner in crime. 😀

      1. It’s a little cooler towards the end of the year, which suits my travel schedule also 😉 Let me do some research first? LOL! Must be a guy thing, ’cause I am like Rif that way 😛

        1. Bangsar Babe

          Hahahaha!! You boys are the same la. Sure, let me know and we can plan accordingly. 🙂

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Can! Bila mau pergi? 🙂

  2. JUST DO IT!!! Backpacking is fun and you will get to see a lot of different things you never see before!!

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Thanks for the encouragement dear! 😀

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