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For 2013, there will be some changes made on Bangsar Babe over the period of 12 months. After a thorough discussion with rif and some feedback from readers, the new blog direction will include more fashion, travel and lifestyle topics, on top of food posts.

In the past, invited reviews were limited to two or three a month and the other food posts were at my own expense. This is to reduce any form of biasness (which I sometimes experience at invited reviews) and to ensure you readers enjoy the same quality of service and food. The food review direction will remain the same in year 2013, but I will be including more halal and vegetarian food to diversify.


Peplum Dress from Azorias

Fashion is something I’ve been keen on for a while, but I never really gave much thought to it. This year, Bangsar Babe will feature more fashion related posts, thanks to my sponsors Peep Boutique, The Aura, Puma and Azorias.


I’ve always wanted to travel before starting a family and this year, I plan to accomplish that. Hopefully, rif and I can afford to see Japan this year. I also want to visit Sabah and Sarawak because I’ve never been to these two states. Shame on me!

I’ve also started a Guest Post segment where readers can get to know the ‘other side’ of the industry better. It’s always good to know both sides of the story, don’t you think? ;)

Basic CMYK

Blog Header in 2008


Blog Header 2011


Blog Header 2012

The blog header will also undergo a few changes. These changes are currently in working progress and I look forward to revealing the new header soon. Bangsar Babe’s layout will also be going through quite a bit of change to make the entire reader experience a better one. If you’re a web designer with a creative eye, email me – [email protected]

Sponsors V4

I believe the Bangsar Babe Blog Giveaway 2012 was the biggest blog giveaway done, and this year, we aim to make it better. I will not be revealing the giveaway so early in the year, but do keep an eye (and ear) out for it. :)


Improving the Bangsar Babe is an on-going effort and rif and I are always striving to make the blog better. With that, I’m pleased to launch Bangsar Babe 2013 and I look forward to connecting better with all of you.

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