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I’ve been getting several emails from young girls interested in joining the beauty pageants I’ve participated before, in hopes of being the next Miss xx Malaysia. Why would they ask me? I didn’t win the pageant.

But I figured they asked because I was more contactable compared to the winners, who are now busy modeling, acting or hosting. And also because I often reply to reader/fan emails and blog comments, making me an easier target to approach.

Can a title change your life? It sure can!

My last pageant was in 2010 and I got hitched in 2011. That officially made me ineligible to participate in any beauty pageants, save for the “Mrs Malaysia” ones.

But I still replied to these hopeful girls, telling them the pros and cons about joining a beauty pageant and the to dos and not to dos when you’re in one. I was talking to Christy a few days back about how appalled I am at how some pageants are organized these days.


I get that they need to add value to sponsors, so product placements are necessary. But I cannot stand how biased the judges are when it comes to the girl. It’s been the same shit story over and over again.

“If a girl wins many subsidiary titles, it doesn’t mean she will win the pageant.”

Bullshit. She will most likely win. End of story. #true story

There was a pageant incident where a videographer was instructed to give more footage to five girls, especially two of them. These two girls ended up as the winner and first runner-up. And the other three girls were in the top 5. So don’t believe what they tell you about “Every girl is treated fairly and stand an equal chance in winning”. Pageant world is dark and full of red tapes.

My last pageant was the worst pageant I’ve participated in. Not only was it badly organised, it was the worst, terribly biased pageant experience I’ve encountered. The winner was clearly chosen from the beginning. From the preferential treatment, special attention right to her misdemeanors forgiven. No matter how hard the rest of us girls tried, there was no hope.

Watching the latest videos of a national pageant really pissed me off. Clearly, the pageant director already has a winner in mind. The two girls of her choice received “surgical enhancements” and subsequently, “teeth enhancements”. While the other contestants received RM1,000 cash vouchers.

What the can one do with RM1,000?? The amount isn’t enough to fix crooked, uneven lips or droopy eyes. Come on … you think the other girls don’t feel it? Isn’t that considered preferential treatment? The viewers aren’t stupid And the girls (some very young and green) sure as hell aren’t. I’m sure they felt disappointed and demotivated. It was obvious in the videos.

A couple of girls were eliminated because the pageant director felt they weren’t improving enough. Eh hello! Why did you let these girls into the finals then? Based on your many years of experience, don’t you think you are able to tell if a girl has the potential to represent her country?

I honestly believe (and some were proven) that many pageants in Malaysia are rigged. It’s either you are the judges’ favourite, a potentially outstanding contestant (good for you) or a slutty one. Some are there because they have potential. Some are chosen because in every pageant, there is a quota filler and they need more girls to make the reality series look good.

To the girls feeling the pain and disappointment, trust me. Don’t bother listening to the pageant tips or advices from the pageant director/judges. They have already chosen the top 3 winners. I know, they tell you everything is fair… there are no biasness and that whole load of crap.

But let’s use some logic here. Would you sponsor or focus on a girl whom you think doesn’t have the quality of a pageant winner? Girls, don’t waste your time. Spare yourself the misery and just EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY. Don’t waste any more energy trying to impress the judges (who are just as twisted).

And to the future winner; you’re in for a huge, live changing experience. Be prepared to lose yourself and integrity. Good luck.

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