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Char Hor Fun

Hor fun is my favourite noodle type, especially the silky smooth ones from Ipoh. Another type of hor fun I like is the large square version also known as “tua pan” in Penang. I was introduced to the Char Hor Fun from Chew Kee in Lebuh Chulia a few years back, and it has never disappointed.

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Hokkien Char

Ok let me rephrase that sentence. The noodles never disappoint, but the fact that the stall closes randomly does. Chew Kee is a makeshift stall, manned by a husband and wife team that opens during the night. The char hor fun here is the best I’ve tasted so far, but at the expense of putting up with couple’s crankiness.

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Succulent prawns and tasty pork slivers

Be prepared to wait a good 30 minutes or so for your noodles and don’t rush them. Unless you fancy being told off in Hokkien. Wait, and you will be rewarded. I took my in-laws here not too long ago, and they enjoyed it. The char hor fun had a deep wok hei flavour and complemented by the lightly starched gravy. Portion was small, so if you’re a big eater, order a 2-pax portion.

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“Shiok” chilli sambal

The Hokkien Char was also quite good, with barely any alkaline taste in the yellow noodles. My plate came with medium sized prawns and pork slivers, and a side of chilli belacan powerful enough to stir shit up in your stomach. Literally. But the chilli tasted so good and added a lot of ‘oomph’ in the Hokkien Char.

By the way, I wrote about Chew Kee in my Penang Eating Spree column in 2009.

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Don’t mess with the Auntie

Chew Kee
Lebuh Chulia (opposite Rainforest Bakery), Penang.
GPS Coordinates: N 5 25.095 E 100 20.172

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Sean November 1, 2012 - 3:20 pm

for the current rainy evenings in KL, when all of us are getting drenched and feeling cold, this might just hit the spot! :D

Bangsar Babe November 1, 2012 - 4:38 pm

Mmmmm…don’t la remind me. It’s raining heavily now. :shock:

Kash November 1, 2012 - 4:01 pm

Malaysian noodles…sigh…if only I was back.

Bangsar Babe November 1, 2012 - 4:38 pm

Yes, you’re missing out!!

Kash November 1, 2012 - 4:50 pm

Don’t get wet in the rain!

Jazzmyn June 16, 2013 - 7:05 pm

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jazzmyn Leong, Chew Kee stall owner’s daughter. My dad loves what you wrote and asked me to thank you. I read what you have commented from good to bad..My parents laughted about it.

As their daughter, I Truely adore both of my parents and certainly proud of them. Despite many of my friends also commented about the “scoldings” I Truely understand it.

My parents are always perfectionists. Dad closed stall and reached home almost 2am. That’s not it. He ensures the fishes are fresh. Hence he travelled to market at 3am to get the fishes, cut them, season the fishes and store them. So dad sleeps ard 6am, including his newspaper reading worm politics to shares to world news. A man full of strong general knowledge.

Mom works up at 10am to prepare her work as well. To market to buy everything until dad joins her in her preparation. While char Koay Teow hawker just start the stall at 6pm, my parents preparation is more than 12 hours a day.

So that explains why they got frustrated when being asked too many times. Also, with more than 12 hours day, they certainly do not like the food turn bad if they didn’t cook well. Mom also has health issue and she has to remember all customers’ requests. Example, someq one intestine, some no pepper etc.

While many blogs also commented that seeing both of them urge is also quite entertaining, both are really loving couple and parents. They will be retiring in next few years. So hope you enjoy yourself there. By the way, dad will off due to do Chinese sausages before CNY,, September vegetarian month, 15th day CNY as he also do “siew chu” ( burn crispy pig ) for regular customers in past 35 years. also, they are always by my side when I need them.

So to avoid any disappointment, probably, you can always check by calling the stall at 04-2623 237 after 7pm only. Confirmed off day is Wednesday and Thursday. Additional off days may be due to no staff availability.

Cindy September 21, 2014 - 7:07 pm

Hi Jazzmyn,

I can understand how tough it would be for an old couple to go through such a deal everyday just to churn up some good food, but regardless, their tantrum cannot and should not be lashed out at paying customers. It is totally unacceptable! I was at the stall just about a week ago and your mom is still as fiery. I realized there’s this unbecoming trend in Penang itself, especially with those older folks. If they think that it’s too much a task for their age, why not retire? As the saying goes, If you can’t bear the heat, get out of the kitchen. I don’t mean to be disrespectful here, just my tow cents. Wishing your parent good health and happy days ahead!


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