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It doesn’t take much effort to put together a burger – two half-buns, processed patty, mustard, ketchup, cheese and you have one. A mediocre one, that is. What many burgers have in common are frozen, processed patties. And while I love my Ramly burger, I occasionally enjoy a good burger made from scratch. The patty, at least.

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AMP Porky-riffic Burger

A Minor Place in Plaza Damas is said to serve a pretty decent pork burger for under RM20. A supposed good pork burger for less than twenty bucks sounded like a good deal. The AMP Porky-riffic Burger (RM18.50) comprised pork patty, crispy bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and BBQ sauce. I wanted to add a sunny side up to my burger, but the waitress declined to oblige. According to her, no extras were allowed despite me telling her I was prepared to pay extra for the egg.

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Thick patty

F for service, and a B- for the burger. The burger would have warranted a B+ had there been an egg, but the less luxurious version was decent. If you like your pork patty nicely seasoned, you will prefer this version to The Elk’s. I like them both but because I was denied that one egg, I get to be biased.

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Fish & Chips

rif’s Fish & Chips (RM16.50) was nothing to shout about. The breaded exterior of the dory fillet was too hard and put up some resistance against my knife. I also didn’t like the tartar sauce provided – it probably came from a jar. Skip the cheesy fries (RM9.50) at all cost, unless you have a soft spot for ketchup or can’t tell the difference between ketchup and diced tomatoes (tomato concasse).

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Cheesy Fries

I would actually come back for the pork burger since it’s reasonable and fairly decent in size. Maybe I should head over to the mamak across the road to buy my sunny side up, lest my request for an extra egg is unsuccessful.

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 5.5/10 (non halal)
Verdict: Only the pork burger was noteworthy. Hopefully, you’ll be luckier than I was with the extra egg request.

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A Minor Place
G-0-11, Plaza Damas,
Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
03-6211 7418

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