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Bring out the big guns – “Jip San Leong” games!

by Bangsar Babe

Wasabi with grapes -- too easy, I feel!

I just realised I have more guy friends than girls and that has been the case since I was little. For some reason, I feel more comfortable hanging out with my guy friends as they are often less petty about things. The girl friends I’m close to have similar traits and personalities – they are carefree, gregarious and down to earth. Unfortunately, I only got to know 7 of such girls, and my girl entourage is horribly outnumbered by rif’s. I think he has 10-12 guys on his side.

Picture credits: weddingmoments.com.my

But I feel quality is more important than quantity, and am asking all of you to help my entourage with the games and obstacles for rif’s entourage before entering my home. And for confidentiality, please EMAIL your suggestions to me. I will compile them all, and my girls will choose the best 8 obstacles for the boys to endure.

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