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*A bit late, but read about my video blog feature in Star R.AGE two days ago.

Tiong Sue Lynn, a writer, content editor and blogger (Bangsar Babe) who has always wanted to host a TV show about food, started vlogging a year ago using just a compact camera. “I’ve always wanted to host food shows, but because I lacked experience, it wasn’t easy scoring a hosting gig,” said Sue Lynn, 26.

“My fiance and best friend have been persuading me to start my own food video blog, and after six months of their nudging, I finally did it. I created my own food series.”

Putting herself in front of a camera wasn’t a big challenge, as she has had experience competing in beauty pageants, but it took a little time to get used to talking into a camera.

“I do food video blogging, where I go to interesting eateries and present what I eat in front of the camera. It’s like my mini food channel,” she said. So far, Sue Lynn has even managed to get sponsors for her vlogs.

For Sue Lynn, both blogging and vlogging have their pros and cons.

“A balance of both is ideal. I feel that most people love looking at pictures and videos. And after a long day at work or school, the last thing they would want is to read a long essay. Video blogs are perfect because they just need to watch,” she shared.

Sue Lynn does almost everything herself (except hold the camera), and finds that food videos are more tedious to do as compared to blogging as she needs to figure out new ways of presenting.

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