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I never knew 10 Mont Kiara existed until I received an invitation to sample the coffees at Ristretto Cafe. This cosy outlet is reputed to serve one of the better cups of coffee in Klang Valley. I initially wanted a double shot latte, but Julian, the head barista suggested that I try the regular latte (RM5) first. Prices are affordable — coffee is priced from as low as RM4.50 per cup.

My caffe latte came with a pretty latte art. Apparently, Julian used to make coffee in Sydney, so he knew just how to make a good cuppa. At least that’s how I felt. The milk was well frothed with a neat foam on top top. Tastewise, my latte was adequately milky with a good espresso flavour.

Andrew’s flat white had a nicer coffee art than my latte, don’t you think? I think the barista liked him better. *jealous*

Marcky’s coffee. Love the cute statement cups!


My second cup was a cappuccino — pretty good as well.Try not to add sugar into your coffee (especially the ones with milk) as you can actually taste a mild chocolate flavour after each sip.

Ristretto also caters to the people staying around the area, hence the lighter meal options such as club sandwich, potato and ham salad, black pepper chicken burger and mushroom burger. To me, they were decent, but nothing to shout about.

I didn’t care much for the nasi lemak, as the rice wasn’t ‘lemak’ enough. I like my rice to heavily infused with coconut milk.

The chicken rendang was not bad — it boasted a nice balance of flavours, while the chicken was nice and tender. Needless to say, this was polished off within 5 minutes.

I wasn’t a fan of the char kuay teow as I found it too salty and spicy. It was difficult to taste the other flavours as all were overpowered by the excess salt and chilli. Note that I’m more sensitive to salt, so you might not find this as salty as I did.

Meatball Arrabiata came highly recommended. While the pasta had a good texture, I thought the sauce was a tad salty and the meatballs lacked oomph and bite.

The mushroom cream pasta was not bad, but it might be too rich for one to finish. If you’re a fan of creamy pasta, you’ll love this.

The Mexican chicken cottage pie was spicy and richly flavoured. I liked how generous the chef was with the ingredients; every spoonful has a good bite from the meat.

Desserts were a delight. My favourite of the three was the wild berry cheesecake (RM13). It was sweet, tart, creamy and crumbly from the pastry base — tres yum! The brownie (RM10) and apple crumble (RM10) came with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. The apple pie was tangy from the apple chunks while the brownie was moist and rich.

The alcoholic coffee (RM12 each) didn’t appeal to me. All three had an overpowering bitter flavour and too much alcohol. Not my cup of coffee, these ones.

In a nutshell, I was pleased with the coffees (non-alcoholic) and more pleased with the prices. While the food was average, I thought the desserts were quite tasty. I’d definitely go back for more coffee and cake. Thank you Marcus, for the invite. And thank you Daniel and Julian, for hosting us!

Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Coffee: 7/10
Food: 4/10
Dessert: 6/10
Verdict: If you crave a good cup of coffee, come here!

Ristretto Cafe
Unit 3A @ 10 Mont Kiara
Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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