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I used to be such a naughty kid that I gave my parents a headache. Especially my mum. She used to dread going to school on report card day…because at least one teacher would tell her I was a rascal! We would argue over almost everything, from her disapproval of my outfits right up to the things I eat. When I left for UK, I noticed how sad she looked at the airport. Probably because her little girl was going to be all alone in a foreign land and the fact that no one was going to piss her off for a while.

Today, we still argue about many things but now that I’m older, I understand where she’s coming from and am thankful that I have her to guide me all the way. So thank you mummy, for everything. Including the nasty bittergourd juice and alfalfa sprouts you make me eat — my complexion is so nice now (lol).

In Paris with Mum – July 2010

Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy!