Home Libresse: You’ll never know until you’ve tried it!

There are many things I didn’t dare try as a little girl.

Spicy tom yam soup

Tom yam noodles that make you sweat buckets!

Wagyu beef, medium rare

I didn’t dare try spicy food. I was afraid of raw salmon. The slightest pink in a steak reminded me of mad cow disease. Cheeses smelt like a combination of wet socks and dead rats. Foie gras sounded gross. And being a beauty queen was a ridiculous dream.

Tiara dream

Sashimi platter

It wasn’t until I challenged myself to overcome these fears and hesitations, that I felt incredibly liberated. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Been there, done that

Today, I can’t get enough of spicy food and the rarer my beef is, the better. I love foie gras and beauty pageants are a case of ‘been there, done that, and proud of it’.

Foie gras terrine

Foie gras salad

Watching the Libresse TVC reminded me of all the above. It reminded me of what rif and my best friends would tell me all the time – you never know, until you’ve tried it. The videos were engaging, thought provoking and best of all, motivating. These women are strong, independent and successful individuals who share one thing in common: they are never afraid to try new things. The end of the video was interesting; kudos to the agency who came up with this concept.

At the end of the video, I was asked to ‘help the talent decide on her next form of action’ by keying in my phone number and name onto the screen. On the spot, the talent picked up the phone, dialed my number and my phone actually rang! When I picked up, I was asked to press “1” for task A and “2” for task B. View the videos here to understand what I mean.

*That got me thinking — maybe I should prank rif by keying in his number and see if he will receive the call! :P

Watching the videos made me realize I haven’t been challenging myself enough this past few months. I need to break out of my comfort zone and feel liberated again.

Libresse is designed to fit a woman’s anatomy perfectly for the ultimate comfort and absorption. The products are designed with the concept “absorption is nothing without fit” in mind. Don’t forget the panty-liners for daily use, for that ‘fresh’ feeling. Prices are quite affordable too, making it a wise and economical choice for my personal comfort.

So challenge yourself today and try something new. Why not start with Libresse? ☺