Home ROM outfit and a more reliable credit card!

rif and I were talking about what to wear for our ROM this coming October. Since I’ll be wearing the wedding gown for our wedding dinner and tea ceremony, we thought a short dress would be nice for the registration. He will most probably be wearing a shirt (colour depends on the colour of my dress) with dark jeans.
I initially wanted a white, simple dress but he got creative and suggested that I wear an Herve Leger. It’s a fantastic idea, and I’m looking at a sexy gold number in either a tube design or a plunging neckline.

For heels, I’m still undecided between the glitter heels from Steve Madden and the vampish red stilettos from Jessica Simpson. rif thinks I should stick to something simpler, like this pair of heels above. It has just the right amount of sparkle, so my gold dress would still stand out.

No matter which dress/shoe I decide on, I’m using my new Maybankard as it gives me more benefits. And if I’m using an Amex, I get 5% cashback and 5x the reward points! Assuming my total purchase is RM 1,150 (dress + shoes), I’m getting a cashback of RM50 (cash rebate is enjoyed during weekends only, at a cap for RM 50 per month).

I’ve been shopping online since 2007, and the most “cashback” I’ve ever gotten was RM21 from my current credit card. That’s after 4 years of loyal usage. Chis!

Looks like I’ll be cutting that credit card into half and sending it back to the bank. *sniggers*

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