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January 12, 2011

Wedding To-Do-List

I’ve secured the photographers for the tea ceremony and wedding dinner. We’ve decided on the hotel and the wedding dinner is set for 19 November 2011. As for bridal gowns/bridal studios, I’m open to suggestions. As long as they don’t have “VIP” charges and provide decent wedding photography, I’m happy.

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These are the items/services I’m looking for. Any recommendations? Preferably something affordable, as rif and I are on a budget (and we only have one kidney to spare…).

  1. Wedding planner (I’m not very organised, so a wedding planner is a must. My parents insist on one too!)
  2. Flowers
  3. Bridal Studio
  4. Wedding gown, evening gown, cheongsam…
  5. Suit (rif isn’t fussy about his suits, but I am)
  6. Make-up artist
  7. Hair-stylist
  8. Wedding favours
  9. Invitation cards
  10. Veil
  11. Manicurist
  12. Alcohol supplier
  13. Food catering for the tea ceremony
  14. Wedding bands
  15. Emcee (To my friends…anyone wants to volunteer?)
  16. Videographer
  17. Wedding shoes
  18. Bridesmaid dresses
  19. Jewellery/costume jewellery (Something simple would be great. I’m not a fan of elaborate jewelry)
  20. Tiara (Ok, I’m vain. I don’t want a big tiara — just a mini one to complement the gown)
  21. Venue for ROM/engagement party

If you have any recommendations/offer any of the above, email me at[email protected]




5 Responses

  1. foodbin

    Red Bliss in SS2, PJ.

  2. thule a.k.a leo

    gathering with a group of friends (those besties whom I don't get to see often) for a meal.. be it lunch or dinner!!!

  3. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Got married 10 years ago, so none of my recommendations will be valid hehe. I think even my florist has moved already!

  4. eyl.87d21

    Hey. I've a friend who works as a wedding planner. Check her out at http://www.voilamademoiselle.com/blog/ she has one or two of her plannings posted up there..

  5. Bangsar-bAbE

    eyl.87d21 – Thanks!

    LL – LOL. You could give me some tips on what to expect on my big day. 😉

    leo – You mean before the wedding?

    foodbin – Quite a few people recommended RedBliss. But I read forums saying they are not professional etc… ~_~

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