Home Wedding Wedding planner, videographer and pre-wedding jitters

I’ve decided to go with ADAMAS Weddings as my wedding planner…after looking around for two months. I’ve blogged about Kien Ling’s wedding planning services a few months ago. When rif popped the question, I had her in mind. But me being indecisive, I scouted around for more.Spoke to a few wedding planners, but none of them understand me the way Kien Ling does. I see myself as a difficult bride to work with as I don’t like being told what to do. Try ‘telling’ me and I might bite your head off…especially when it’s nearing the big day. When I agreed to go with ADAMAS, Kien Ling immediately started working on my wedding which freaked me out. Like MEGA freaked me out.

See, I view November 19, 2011 as another 10 months plus away. But her immediate planning made me realise I’ve been dilly dallying quite a bit. It made me realise that in another 10 months, I’m going to be someone’s wife, daughter in-law and sister in-law. Holy sh*t!! (tries not to hyperventilate)

My videographer Nigel just called to confirm a few things — things are happening so fast. I’ll be sitting down with Nigel to run through a few things rif and I want and don’t want in the wedding/pre-wedding video very soon. *breathe, Sue Lynn Tiong, breathe*

I know I want to marry the guy. But why do I feel so panicky? I thought pre-wedding jitters usually happen a few weeks before the wedding day…not 10 months before! *sweats*

Wedding planner: ADAMAS Weddings
Videographer: Nigel Sia

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