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Picture credit: Lia Hoogendijk

I recently organised a pool party for the Myanmar children since they had so much fun at the previous one. This time, I made a few changes when managing the event.

Joshua & kids
(Picture credit: Lia Hoogendijk)

Picture credit: Claudia Sibert

Sanjeev, Christy and I decided to reduce the number of volunteers, because 15 people were enough to watch the kids. I also lowered the cost of the food. At the last party, the food was good, but there was way too much leftovers. I decided to give them 5 items:

  1. Fried Rice
  2. Fried Mee Hoon
  3. Curry Chicken
  4. Dry Curry Chicken
  5. Vegetables
rif and a few volunteers serving the kids.

rif’s mother helped me get the caterer, who is a friend of hers. I paid RM225 for all the above, for 45pax (30 kids, 15 adults). Very reasonable, right?! There were some leftovers (nothing excessive) which we packed and gave to each kid — like a goody bag.

Watermelon & sarsi cordial

To save money, I bought a bottle of sarsi cordial for drinks and his mother cut two watermelons and two honeydew herself. I was pretty pleased with the food and the $ we saved. His parents sourced for the caterer, fruit sponsor and helped deliver the food to StART. Each volunteer contributed RM25, and some of them gave more.

I collected RM585 (after paying for the food, float, paper plates…etc) so I will use that to buy them Christmas presents this year.

The volunteers were divided into two groups. One group went with me to Puchong to pick up the kids at 8.15am. The others gathered at StART Foundation at 9.30am. Thanks Sanjeev (from Rotaract Subang) for going to Tesco and buying the paper plates, cups, plastic spoons and forks.

Daniel and friends — blowing their brains out. LOL =P

And it’s nice of you (Sanjeev) to buy floats for the kids — they looked sooooo adorable in them. And thank you for getting volunteers from Rotaract Subang to help out. You have been extremely helpful. *hugs*

Daniel brought three friends along, so they helped drive the kids to Jalan Gasing. Thank you guys for helping us clean up after the event. I really appreciate it. :)

Spot Sanjeev, the pool daddy!

rif arranged the tables and chairs and used a wet cloth to clean them. He also helped serve the kids and clean up the mess after the meal. Sanjeev was like the pool daddy. Every kid wanted cling to him — they would “steer” him to go where they wanted to go. LOL! Thanks for being such a good sport and getting into the water.

Lia helped reduce my workload by giving me the names and number of children attending the pool party, right down to the details of who could swim and who couldn’t. She even bought the kids bathing suits and goggles. They were so happy…thank you!

Christy, thank you for helping me from Laos. I appreciate you taking the time to gchat with me about the progress, problems, and helping me manage my frustrations during the planning of this event. It would have been much harder if you weren’t there for me.

Thank you Joshua, for joining us, and making sure the kids had fun. And thank you for letting us use the pool and house!

As for the other volunteers, you are not forgotten. Thank you for coming and for making the kids so happy. Your participation was much appreciated, and I will definitely keep all of you informed about next event!

The kids and the volunteers

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