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Food Vlog: Fun Kee Bamboo Noodles

This video blog was the hardest of the lot, so far. The background was very noisy (since the restaurant is located along the main road), and there wasn’t much I could do to reduce the sound pollution.

Due to my hectic schedule, it was hard to find time for the shooting and video editing. Enough rambling…I hope you enjoy watching this!

Thank you rif, for helping me. And I also have to thank Christopher Lee (from Fun Kee Bamboo Noodles) for being very accommodating. In case you all think I have a black hole in my stomach, I DID NOT EAT EVERYTHING. We tapau-ed most of the food home!

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9 Responses

  1. vialentino

    wah…nice watching the video …

    i did went and eat there before…delicious … you may view my review here … http://vialentino.blogspot.com/2010/05/freshly-made-egg-noodles-from-bamboo.html … i shud capture video like urs … nice!

  2. Big Boys Oven

    wow! this is awesome, just love the video taping! Great work! Fabulous. You looked glam too! Thumbs up!

  3. foodbin

    nice video-good food.

  4. Blur.

    love the background music x) this is even better than ur previous ones. anyway, looking forward to ur next video !

  5. Blur.

    love the background music x) this is even better than ur previous ones. anyway, looking forward to ur next video !

  6. Julian Si

    Anthony Bourdain … Chui Ling … eat your heart out. Bangsar Babe is here to stay!!


  7. Elson Wang

    Wakaka a nice video, the 1:27 (a lot wok-hei) make me laugh xD but it true that hard to explain to fren who dunno cantonese =))) keep it up cheeer

  8. crushedguava

    hi there, i'm a long time reader, first time commenter 🙂

    one of anthony bourdain episodes of No Reservations in Hong Kong (season 3 episode 12) has a very powerful scene about the last person making bamboo noodles in HK. would you happen to have watched that? worth watching, in my opinion.

    i am so glad to find out that KL has a place that makes handmade bamboo noodles. i must go there when i get the chance.

  9. Bangsar-bAbE

    crushedguava – Thank you for commenting!

    Yes, this is one of the few places in KL that still makes bamboo noodles. It's definitely worth a visit!

    Elson – Errr…wok hei means wok fire. Means the food must have direct contact with the fire. 😉

    Julian – Thank you!! =D

    Blur – Thanks! Will work harder on the next one.

    foodbin – TQ!

    BBO – Glad you liked it. Thank you for the compliment. 😉

    vialentino – Time to go back for a visit!

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