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August 27, 2010

Zoo Outing with Myanmar Kids – Expenses

Breakdown of the Zoo Outing on 5th June 2010

Popped by Tesco to buy some potato bread and mineral water for the children just in case they got hungry. I also picked up some manila cardboards and double sided tape for the kids to write their names on.

Potato Bread – RM1.89 x 6 = RM11.34
Mineral Water – RM3.96 x 3 packs (10 bottles per pack) = RM 11.88
Manila Cardboard – RM3.99
Double-sided Tape – RM2.50

TOTAL = RM 29.71

Zoo entrance for 25 kids

Pardon the blurred receipt.

Zoo entrance fee for kids below 9 years old was RM4 per person. Kids above 9 years old were considered adults. So they were charged RM18 per person.

RM4 x nine (9) kids below age 9 = RM36

RM18 x sixteen (16) kids above age 9 = RM288


(paid for themselves) = 15 people x RM18

The kids were really, really hungry by the time we took them for lunch at KFC Wangsa Maju. Two lunch bucket sets wasn’t enough, so we added another bucket set. The volunteers paid for their own meal.

2 KFC Bucket Set: RM79.65 x 2 + government tax (RM7.97) = RM167.25

Add on KFC Bucket Set: RM79.65 + government tax (RM3.99) = RM83.65

TOTAL = RM250.90



Rotaract Club – RM562
Kelvin Tan – RM100
TL – RM200

Thank you sponsors and volunteers.
This day wouldn’t have happened without you all!

6 Responses

  1. Julian Si

    Bravo! 🙂 What a nice day out. Bless you!

  2. thule a.k.a leo

    Wow… another trip to make the kids happy!! pretty sure you have brightened up their day

  3. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    u forgot to add: the smile on their faces – priceless.

  4. Dennis Ong

    Kudos! May God Bless you all… =)

  5. beBe jO

    whr is their home exactly? tot of visiting them or if u have any other outing with them, buzz me!

  6. Bangsar-bAbE

    beBe jO – I'll let you know if they have another outing! 😉

    Dennis – Thanks!

    Joe – Yeah…priceless indeed!

    leo – Don't you just love looking at happy kids? I love the feeling!!

    Julian – The most important thing was that the kids had fun. 😉

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