Home Splashes of fun with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5

*Product review

WHEEeeee….! =)

The Cyber-shot DSC-TX5 is Sony’s first waterproof compact camera, and I got to test its functions (under and out of the water) last weekend at Sunway Lagoon. Aesthetics-wise, it looks sophisticated and sleek, with its reflective, metal body. I don’t care much for the silver model, but I love the red one! It also comes in black, pink and green. What I like about this model, is that it is fairly light. And pretty. I like gadgets that make me look good.

The red one is damn “chio”! I like.

I also like that it has a wide (3-inch) touch sensitive screen for better photo viewing purposes. But since it’s reflective and has a wide touchscreen, it accumulates finger print smudges very easily. So it’s best to keep a lens cloth with you at all times.

Sony “flower girls”

Underwater shot

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5 is dustproof, shockproof and freezeproof. Another thing I like about this camera, is that it takes pretty good videos. This camera can take up to 720p HD video – great for those who love to capture things in motion.

With Jason Ong

As for picture quality, I have no complains. The camera makes me look good. The colours are vibrant, and it requires little or no photo editing. My only gripe is that it isn’t as great for low light. Then again, most compact cameras tend to struggle when it comes to low light. Images can be viewed by sweeping your finger across the screen, and enlarged by tapping the screen. The touchscreen is quite sensitive, so it makes viewing pictures easy.

All geared up for the Flowrider!

I didn’t take part in the challenges. But I did go for the Flowrider. I was told that this activity is a (proven) bikini remover, so I decided to keep my shirt on. I would have worn my shorts, but the person in charge said we couldn’t wear anything with buttons. The water current was so strong, I could feel it tugging at my bikini bottom. Good thing it didn’t come off!

Group pic, after the Flowrider!

Back to my thoughts on the camera. Since it’s a compact camera (and a rather small one at that), it can be a tad too small for those who have larger hands. But fret not, it’s a tough camera and can handle the shock in case you drop it a few too many times. Because it is small and slim, your fingers MIGHT get in the way of the picture (especially if you’re holding the camera with both hands).

This picture was not taken with the Sony TX5. Can tell the difference?

For RM1,499, it is a wee bit expensive for some (myself included). But it looks good, takes good photos inside and out of the water, fits my hands perfectly and is pretty tough for a compact camera. It is also user friendly – I didn’t take long to get the hang of the shutter, zoom, and playback system. Anyone wants to sponsor me? =P