Home Raya Cakes & Gift Boxes from Just Heavenly

Nigel & Allan brought over some of their new cakes (Indonesian Spiced Marble & Sugee Fruit) for dessert after dinner at Rama V. As a regular customer and friend, I find their cakes pretty good (especially the rich, chocolate-y ones). They made my birthday cake this year, and I recently featured them in my FACES food column.


The Indonesian spiced marble cake was incredibly moist and oh-so-rich. Each bite was delicious, with a buttery finish that lasted long after I finished my slice. I had more than three slices. *naughty me!*

By the time the plate got to me, that was all I had left! But I had more than my fair share! ;)

Since it’s for Raya, the sugee fruit cake comes WITHOUT alcohol. This cake comes packed a whole of ingredients – ginger, almonds, cashews, wintermelon and citrus peel. It had a great, nutty-fruity texture, and was also very moist.

Bubbly Nigel

They also do lovely gift boxes for the cakes. Go check out their brochure HERE.