Home Charity Zoo Outing with the Myanmar Kids

On the 5th of June, we took the Myanmar children to Zoo Negara. This time, some of the Rotaract Club members joined us — 25 kids, 10 volunteers, 7 cars. The kids were excited, as they hardly got to go out.

I tag you, you tag me.

Eleena handing out water to Dim Dim

Whatcha looking at?

Candid shot of Sanjeev

Making sure the boys take notes. It’s a learning trip ma…

After the zoo, we treated the kids to lunch at KFC. 95% of them never ate KFC or Mc Donald’s before. Poor kids must have been hungry — lunch was at 2.30pm. Most of them ate 3 pieces of chicken!! Plus mashed potatoes, coleslaw and nuggets.

Makan time!

OMG so cute!

Esther and I

Thanks Sanjeev and gang (from the Rotaract Club), for joining us. And for sponsoring the zoo tickets for the children. Thank you Joshua and rif, for taking your Saturday off to spend time with the kids. Christy and I are very grateful for that.

The volunteers

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