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*Warning: Picture-heavy post.

rif decided to throw a steamboat party for my 25th Birthday, and he did most of the planning since he’s a better planner. For the first 30 minutes of the party, there was a power shortage. But rif and my dad fixed the problem and things went smoothly later on. =)

Chicken soup

Tom yam soup

I hope my wish comes true this year!

My biggest supporter!

The man who makes me look good in pictures. Thanks Andy!

Best friends — dunno what I will do without them!

Christy, who taught me how to reach out to kids.

Thanks for dropping by Jek!

Mike & Shum (good thing I didn’t bend any lower) ~_~

Joa-Chim & Vit


OMG…my tiara wish came true! Thanks marc_ky!!!

iPhone cover from Hanim & May. Thank you babes!!

Flowers from my manager, Hazel and Miss World Malaysia 2009, Thanuja Ananthan.

Shiok sendiri moment — let me be la. It’s my b’day! =P

Is this my size? Thanks Kim & Gareth!

Booze supply

Macarons from Joa-Chim. Thanks sweetie!

Group picture

My birthday present from Andy — he became my photographer that night. *hugs*