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I love the limelight and I love going for events (the good ones at least). There’s something I like about wearing nice dresses and standing in front of the backdrop smiling, as the cameras click away. And with the free flow of alcohol, life can’t get any better!

But there are times I get home by 2am, tired as hell, crawl into bed without removing my make-up, promising myself I’d just lie down for a little bit. Only to wake up at 8am the next morning STILL in my party dress and full make-up. Not surprising, this has left my skin dry, dull and patchy.Enter Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE, the latest innovation for healthy skin. This revolutionary product deeply moisturises the skin, leaving it soft, supple and fresh, for a long period of time. AQUAporin ACTIVE product range comprises a light moisturizer, an eye care product and a day care product with SPF 15 and UV protection – suitable for all skin types.I was one of the lucky few who were selected to try this new range from Eucerin. Since I’m reviewing the products, I will be as honest and upfront as I usually am when I do my food reviews. Here goes:

AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream Light
(40ml – RM62.90)

This cream has a more watery texture than the SPF 15 + UVA cream. It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin – I didn’t need to massage it much. I like this cream, as it gives my skin a fresh and invigorating feeling. It does not have an overpowering floral smell. I like this better than the other moisturiser, simply because it feels so light!

AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream SPF 15 + UVA
(40ml – RM69.00)

I generally prefer my lotions to come with a higher SPF, but this one works just fine. This cream is thicker, and takes longer to absorb into the skin. It makes my skin supple and a lot nicer to touch. Note that this cream is heavier, so go easy on the amount. I find that it makes my make-up stay longer, and I don’t have to keep reapplying the cream on my face.

AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Eye Cream
(15ml – RM62.90)

The eye cream is easy to apply. Squeeze some of the cream (the size of a pea) and apply it gently around your under eye area using a tapping motion. While it didn’t immediately do wonders for me, I noticed improvement in a few days. The fine lines around my eyes are less visible and I look less tired, despite my hectic schedule.

Apply gently around the under eye area


Overall, the products helped in keeping my skin soft, supple and hydrated. I’m usually out running errands, meeting my editors, going for events, working and catching up with friends, so Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE’s long lasting effect helps make life easy for me!

With daily application, I saw results in 3-4 days — my skin looks and feels refreshed. Apparently, my skin will still remain supple even if I forget to apply the products for 3 days. While some people have tested that theory (and it works), I’m not going to do that. I love my skin too much to not pamper it. Plus, if I can keep it hydrated all day long, why not? ;)

If you yearn for deeply hydrated skin,
Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE is your answer!

*For more information of the products, log on to www.eucerin.com/my today.