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A few people have been donating money for the betterment of the children at START and the Myanmar kids in Puchong. Since I’m the one managing the funds and buying food supplies for the kids, I thought I’d update everyone on the situation.

I will include the receipts and list down the items I’ve been buying for them. That way, I hope to avoid any sticky situation with money. If any of you are interested in contributing (cash, time or kind), let me know and we’ll work something out!


1) Mr. L – RM300

2) Tommy – RM200
3) Bernard – RM500

Total: RM1000

9 May 2010 – Tesco

Eggs (RM7.78)
Baking Ingredients (RM62.96)

Total: RM62.96 + RM7.78 = RM70.74

*We made cupcakes for the children at START, PJ

12 May 2010 – Bakefield Bakery
Banana cake (RM10)
Chiffon cake (RM8)
Total: RM18

13 May 2010 – Jusco Mid Valley
Items bought:
2 round butter cakes (RM11.90)
3 blocks of cake (RM10)
Total: RM21.90

17 May 2010 – Giant Bangsar

Chicken meatballs (RM23.98)
NF chicken nuggets (RM12.78)
Dinding chicken nuggers (RM17.78)
Cordial (RM6.99)
Total: RM61.53

19 May 2010 – Jusco Mid Valley
Items bought:
2 round butter cakes (RM11.90)
6 blocks of cake (RM20)
Total: RM31.90

28 May 2010 – Segi StoreTeluk Panglima Garang

Coffee 1kg (RM26.90)
Marie Biscuits (RM23.50 + RM8 for tin)
Pineapple Biscuits (RM42 + RM8 for tin)
Milk Biscuits (RM40 + RM8 for tin)
Cordial (RM13.95)
Total: RM170.35

*The bag of rice isn’t included in the bill. rif’s mum bought it for the children.

*The RM8 for biscuit tin is refundable, once I return the tins.

I’m giving them the biscuits in batches. That way, it’s easier for me to ration the food. I gave them the second biscuit tin yesterday (22 June 2010), so there’s one more tin left.

22 June 2010 – Tesco Puchong

2 Watermelons (RM18.39)
Total: RM18.39

Total spent as of 23 June 2010: RM392.81

Balance: RM1000 – RM392.81 = RM607.19

If any of you have any questions, email me at [email protected] and I will try my best to answer them. rif will be helping me manage the money and keep track of the expenses. Since he’s an auditor, he should be better at doing the accounts.

To keep track of the children’s progress, I’ve added a new tab on my blog. You can also click on the image on the right sidebar for more info.

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