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May 25, 2010

Myanmar Kids @ START Foundation

Right after the pageant was over, Christy and I went to visit the Myanmar kids (under START Foundation) in Puchong. These kids are very friendly and super adorable! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

They have very little to eat — their meal usually consists of white rice with curry gravy or baked beans or just cili padi. No protein, no vegetables as the shelter cannot afford it.

They usually eat rice with curry gravy. The older kids get to eat the skinny chicken wings.

We brought nuggets and chicken meatballs for the kids when we visited them last week. The kids are well behaved. They don’t push each other (unless it’s a playful thing)…and they line up patiently for their food. And they always say their ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Some of the kids have never eaten nuggets before…and they looked at the nuggets as though they were foreign objects.

The youngest kid…he’s only 4 years old.

Look how contented they are!

Christy playing with the kids

Some of the girls wanted to learn how to catwalk…so I taught them what I knew.

So cute!! These boys are so amused by the speakers.

Christy opened my eyes to a whole new world. She taught me a lot of things about kids; how to deal with them, how to understand them better and how to discipline them when they misbehave.

Because they can’t go to school, the kids go to the shelter to learn English, Science and Math. Fung and Daniel are based in the shelter in Puchong, so they do most of the teaching. The shelter needs more resources (books, instruments, stationeries, FOOD…etc) for the children, so if any of you are interested in helping, drop me an email!

Learning Math

Rachel teaching the children how to dance

l-r: Rachel, Fung, Daniel and Joshua

My favourite picture of Christy and the kids!

I also want to thank one of my readers (who wants to remain anonymous) for helping us out, money-wise. Christy and I are very grateful for your generosity.

9 Responses

  1. CUMI & CIKI

    great job bbabe.. not just a pretty face! love the work u do:)

  2. ~Thinke®~

    that's great to hear that there's still so many kind hearted people out there…

    I'm also just started helping out an orphanage home in USJ too~ (just collecting some food, groceries item for them through my friends and family)


  3. Wilson & Rachel

    This is good stuffs. Helping out the kids and so on. God bless your friends.

  4. iamthewitch

    Wonderful work babe! And this is in Puchong! Next time call me along!! 🙂

  5. Julian Si

    BRAVO! How kind 😉

  6. Big Boys Oven

    we should continue to do more of such events!

  7. UnkaLeong

    Christy looks vaguely familiar. Kudos on a job well done!

  8. Bangsar-bAbE

    Unka – We were both in Miss World Malaysia. 🙂

    BBO – Yup!

    Julian – We have to give back to society sometimes. 😉

    iamthewitch – Sure! I'll organise something.

    Wilson & Rachel – Thanks!

    ~Thinke®~ – That's nice. Good to know that you're doing your part too!

    Cumi & Ciki – *hugs*

  9. ~Thinke®~

    it is good to be able to help others… if u need anything, u can let me know too~~~ cheers!

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