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Day one went smoothly. Checked into The Royale Chulan at 9am, and the briefing started almost immediately. My parents came along with rif, because Patrick wanted to interview them. The training started off with a media course by Craig and Farrell.

Please excuse my sleepy face…barely got any sleep the night before.

All 18 finalists were taught how to handle questions from the media, and how to avoid getting caught in sticky situations. This went on until 12.30pm, when we took a break for lunch. I was hungry, so I had a little more for lunch. The sharwarma kebab was not bad, as were the grilled squid and fish with pesto topping. However, the beef was too tough — I couldn’t cut through it let alone eat it. O_o

Forest Mushroom Soup was flavourful, but I would have preferred it thicker and chunkier. I didn’t manage dessert; we had to rush off for another media training session, where a panel of journalists that comprised Wong Sai Wan (executive editor of Star Publication), Jahabar Sadiq (CEO of The Malaysian Insider) and Noorsila Abdul Majid (Journalist of Daily Chilli) tested us on how well we handle the media.Questions were TOUGH. Seriously. We were asked question after question after question, and trapped/cornered whenever possible. What we needed to do was to answer the questions as best as we could, and avoid getting into controversial situations.

After the session, the panel gave each of us comments and constructive criticisms on how we tackled the questions. Their comments were that I answered too seriously, so I looked fierce. That is something that I need to work on, as I tend to have that ‘look’ when I’m thinking hard. Training session ended at close to 5pm, and we went back to the meeting hall for a “big surprise.” We got a SONY VAIO laptop, shoes from Rockin’ Reptile, organic cotton tee from Mell Basics, make up courtesy of Loreal Paris, Broadband by DiGi, silver jewellery from Yanvan and Marigold HL Milk (one whole fridge!). *happy dance*

My bags…

Finally got to our rooms at 6.30pm. Freshened up, went for dinner at 7.30pm, and went to the meeting hall at 8pm sharp for a “Beauty Bootcamp” by the pageant director herself, Andrea Fonseka. Very enlightening, and I have a few new things to add to my beauty regime.

That was Day 1 for me. Do stay tuned for more updates tomorrow. And catch my regular updates on twitter (like every hour) at https://twitter.com/bangsarbabe

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