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I hardly eat breakfast on a normal day, but pageant week was hectic and extremely tiring, that I needed to eat breakfast.

Breakfast Day 2

Smoked salmon, cheese bun and pastry. The first morning at Pageant Week. Was told to skip the sausages and stick with muesli, eggs and unprocessed carbs. The smoked salmon was not fresh.

Breakfast Day 3

Wholemeal bun, sauteed mushrooms, sausages and a pastry. Wanted to eat sausages, so I got up 30mins earlier, got to the breakfast table before the rest arrived and ate two. =P

Breakfast Day 4

Cheese bun, hash brown, sausages, blueberry muffin, and sauteed mushrooms. The only thing healthy about my plate, was the mushroom. LOL

Breakfast Day 5

Hash brown, grilled cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, butter sugar bun, pastry and cheese sausages.

Breakfast Day 6 – Gala Night

Mee goreng, smoked salmon, sauteed mushrooms and sausages. I was very naughty, and had greasy fried noodles. Before my bikini rehearsal on stage.

Breakfast after Gala Night

Front plate: Mini hash browns, grilled tomatoes, cold cuts, grilled mushrooms, chocolate chip muffin, cheese.

Behind: Pastry, blueberry muffin and butter cake.

Screw pageant diet! Was barely fed the night before.

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