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The few movies I enjoy watching are chick-flicks, comedies, dramas and occasionally, action-packed movies. Unless you want me to bury my head underneath your shirt, don’t even bother inviting me for horror movies. rif had to endure a series of chick-flicks with me, so I agreed to watch Clash of the Titans with him last weekend.

We arrived slightly late, and while fumbling to find my seat, clumsy me broke a 3D glasses, by sitting on it. It went “CrraaacckK….” I tried to fix it outside the cinema, but couldn’t. Lucky thing one of the staff came by, saw what happened and gave me a new pair of glasses. LOLThe storyline was a tad weak and it left me hanging, and confused. I thought it was just me, but the others (rif included) confirmed my thoughts on the movie. The Glu Mobile t-shirts came in one size, a very tiny size. I thought only girls could fit into the shirt, but Marcus decided to prove me wrong.

Picture credit: Chris Tock

I *heart* my red ballerina flats. Bought them from Cotton On…got discount somemore! =) I’d say don’t bother watching the movie. Go play the official Clash of the Titans game by Glu Mobile and stand a chance to win the new Apple iPad 64GB!

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