Home Never trust a skinny food writer?

Many new acquaintances ask if I really eat the food I blog about. They say I don’t look as if I love to eat. Recently at events, I talked to a few people and told them I wrote about food. These are some of the comments I got:

“You’re very skinny for a food writer.”

“You don’t look like you eat much.”


That last comment got to me.
I’m not upset at the person who made that comment, because I too, am guilty of generalising. I don’t trust a skinny chef as much as I do for a rotund one. The more obese the chef, the better the food, or so I thought. But that isn’t true, because I know a few chefs who are great cooks and they don’t look anything like the picture below.

Image from google.com

Contrary to what people think, I don’t eat out/pig out all the time. I have selected days when I indulge and the rest of the time, my dinner comprises a bowl of oats and juice (blog post on that coming soon). That, and coupled with exercise is how I keep in shape. It doesn’t matter whether I’m skinny or fat, I believe I know a fair bit about food — what is good or isn’t good*.

*Disclaimer: My thoughts on food are based on my personal opinions. I will not be held responsible if any disappointments were to occur.

What’s your take on skinny food writers/food bloggers?