Home Friendly vs Touchy Feely

My first pageant saw me attending more events, and I enjoyed them. I learnt how to mingle and how to start conversations. Miss World Malaysia 2009 made my social life busier, as I had more invites to events and launches. While I enjoy them, there are times when I just don’t feel like mingling. Imagine having to go for events where guys talk to your chest and their arms go around your waist during photo sessions.

I’m fine when my friends do that, but complete strangers? Keep your hands to yourself please. There is a line between friendly and touchy feely. And there is a part of a girl’s waist you can put your arms around, and another part of the waist (near the butt) where you shouldn’t. I don’t understand why some men have to grab, grapple, kiss and hug every woman acquaintance when there’s an event. It’s sleazy, and I hate how it’s passed off as a ‘friendly greeting’. There have been occasions where I had to push hands away, and once where I had to slap a guy. It was a pretty damn hard slap.

rif raises his eyebrows and comes to protect me whenever he sees that, but sadly for me, I don’t get to bring him for my events all the time. At the Hennessy event last night, my chaperon raised her eyebrows when that happened. If that guy were to hold on to me any longer, he would have gotten his ass kicked. Thanks Marcus, for getting me back safely to my section. Thanks to you, I didn’t have to endure so many unwanted body contacts! =)

I know many of rif’s colleagues ask how he can tolerate all this crap. The poor boy is incredibly understanding and supportive, but I know there are moments where he gets annoyed when that happens. Like the time he spotted a picture of me in a magazine with a guy who was not him, with his hands around my waist. >.<