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A slice of humble pie…

Recently, I’ve been getting a fair bit of not-so-nice comments from regular readers and strangers. It started from the way I look, to my taste in food, and most recently, my personality. I didn’t know about this, until a few people told me about the comments.

While friends tell me that I owe it to no one to clarify matters, I feel the need to do so. Here is an example:

I might seem like that sometimes, but I honestly do not think highly of myself. I’m who I am today in the blogging world thanks to the support of my readers. But I have to admit: I generally fall into my comfort zone and talk to people I know or those whom I have met before. Especially at events and parties. It does make me look terribly unapproachable, and I am working to be less of that.

If you are a regular reader and happen to see me outside or at event or parties, please do say hi. I won’t bite, I promise.

As for being judgmental, I tend to be so when I’m working. I am anal, and I love plans. I want work structure and I get very annoyed when everything is not in order. This rubbed off on me in real life. I didn’t think so, but recent comments have forced me to reassess myself. I apologise if I have offended any of you by my supposed demeanour. While the comments hurt, it came at a good time. I’m glad I got them before I got sucked even deeper into b*tchy-land. To those whom I have offended, I sincerely apologise. But, I’m also human. There are moments when I’m not at my best, so do give me a teeny-weany bit of leeway every now and then!

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  1. Eric

    wahh dun lah sound so emo…

    hehe come lah we go whack some charsiews!

  2. J

    You put such a cute puppy picture – who can stay angry wor?

    Seriously though, accept the comments but try not to take it too much to heart….

    And not trying to belittle how you feel but look at this weird comment I got about my blog some time ago:
    "A worthless BLOG, seems it was created by scum dwarf of an ugly bitch in Malaysia, but WTF do you expect from a Muslim …….


    Horrible, very anti white, very anti American, very pro Islam.
    Ramblings of a distrurbed female mind who seems to be eating chocolate while on the rag" "at this website.)

    (but so funny)

  3. thule a.k.a leo

    they just don't know you.. and judge you straighly from the way you wrote!
    People DO and STILL judge a book by its cover I guess… human nature, can't help it!!!
    Even I gave the impression of being arrogant for those who didn't know me at the beginning… it's normal, don't fret and continue to improve yourself from time to time.
    Time will prove everything

  4. Wilson & Rachel

    Well, everyone got their own say.

    Lately, I was branded as a double crosser and only know how to use friends to benefit myself. Sadly, that person only know how to hear rumors and create such havoc. It's sad to see sometimes friendship is so fragile, a few rumors and that's it. For me, I live my life well with Rachel and my dog Bosco. We got our own life out of the blogging world.

    I always see blogging is a fun thing. Why?

    Coz meeting people like you, that smiles everytime that u greet me everytime we met. And also knowing u wont read my blog, but I do know u still treats me as a friend.

    Regardless u as a blogger or a beauty queen, u r always a friend.

    To envy is a sin, to rejoice is a blessing.

    Superwilson – PlacesAndFoods

  5. Baby

    forget these type of people. just be yourself. how i wish i can be like you; enjoy food but won't gain weight…

  6. CUMI & CIKI

    please la.. u're lovely! Cumi & ciki think u are one of the nicest, friendliest "famous ppl" we know! LOL, which other beauty queen will come and yack yack tok kok with us:)

    anyway, its a nice gesture for u to clarify matters! but take whingers with a pinch of salt. u need to know when ur right and when ur wrong.. and then make a stand. either way, your real friends will stand behind u la, k?


  7. taufulou

    aiyooo, its like dat 1 la.. we human will never always be perfect. especially in character, like you said, mood swings, so am i..

    but wat to do, in blogging world we are stranger to them and vice versa.

    surely you are approcable… She really wont bite.. a friendly person if you know how to chat (thought I am not)

    the only thing for you to do is go makan and drink la..don think about this nonsence ler~

  8. ~Thinke®~

    well.. i do not know you.. but i do like your food posting… it helps whenever i need to know where got good food! lol


  9. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Well, I've always liked you. But self-assessment is always good. We should all do that regularly. Hugs, babe. 🙂

  10. Life for Beginners

    My dear, you don't to have to take everything to heart, that is true. You are a fun, fantastic, beautiful person.

    Also, we can never please everyone so as a general rule, if we do right by those whom we love, then we are alright, kan? 🙂


  11. Marcus

    From my experience, I have to disagree with all the comments of you being snobbish or the like.

    You were very nice to me from the first time we met and I'm nobody that can benefit you in any way.

    I guess sometimes when you're distracted, people just assume that you're not being friendly. Everyone has days when they're just too phased to notice people.

  12. Bangsar-bAbE

    Thanks guys. It means a lot that you don't find me snobbish. But I will keep doing self assessments just to keep myself grounded. =)

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