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Recently, I’ve been getting a fair bit of not-so-nice comments from regular readers and strangers. It started from the way I look, to my taste in food, and most recently, my personality. I didn’t know about this, until a few people told me about the comments.

While friends tell me that I owe it to no one to clarify matters, I feel the need to do so. Here is an example:

I might seem like that sometimes, but I honestly do not think highly of myself. I’m who I am today in the blogging world thanks to the support of my readers. But I have to admit: I generally fall into my comfort zone and talk to people I know or those whom I have met before. Especially at events and parties. It does make me look terribly unapproachable, and I am working to be less of that.

If you are a regular reader and happen to see me outside or at event or parties, please do say hi. I won’t bite, I promise.

As for being judgmental, I tend to be so when I’m working. I am anal, and I love plans. I want work structure and I get very annoyed when everything is not in order. This rubbed off on me in real life. I didn’t think so, but recent comments have forced me to reassess myself. I apologise if I have offended any of you by my supposed demeanour. While the comments hurt, it came at a good time. I’m glad I got them before I got sucked even deeper into b*tchy-land. To those whom I have offended, I sincerely apologise. But, I’m also human. There are moments when I’m not at my best, so do give me a teeny-weany bit of leeway every now and then!

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