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People tell me that I look young, and that I have a baby face. I love that I look younger than my baby sister, who is 7 years younger than I am. *smirks* Yup, every time we go for functions, people tend to mistake me as the youngest child.

I never bothered much about skincare, not until recently. I always thought I’d only start to age once I hit 30. Sadly, the long hours at events, thick make-up during beauty pageants and functions, plus my lack of sleep have put a toll on my skin. I now find myself spending more and more time touching up my eye bags and buying various creams to minimise the fine lines at the corner of my eyes.

At a wedding dinner recently, I was horrified when someone asked whether I was the eldest daughter. I said yes, and quickly excused myself to the washroom, where I spent a good 30 minutes (skipping two dinner courses) examining my face for every single line. My recent visit to the SK-II counter was a pleasant one. The booth had a slightly clinical but warm feel — brightly lit counters, neat product displays and friendly SK-II representatives. I got my skin checked. And to my horror, the lady said that my skin was dry and had fine lines. What?? I always thought I had good skin. The second I heard the word fine lines, I panicked, and almost called for a Botox appointment, I kid you not! The SK-II representative quickly took out some products for me to try. She tested them on my hand, and the results were almost immediate. My skin became soft, smooth and supple, and the fine lines around my fingers were less visible. I asked her what the ‘magic’ ingredient was, and she replied, “Pitera”. According to her, Pitera is a clear, nutrient-rich liquid formed during the saké fermentation process. It contains a natural collection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids that help enhance the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, giving you crystal clear and supple skin.
At the end of the visit, I left with a sample package, which I have been using for a few days. Well, so far, so good, I do hope I’m one step closer to perfect skin!To sum it up, the visit to SK-II was very enlightening, and the products are not as pricey as I thought they would be. Heck, some of the products I’m using now are more expensive that the ones from SK-II. Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll look 10 years younger after a few months of usage. Then I can pass off as a high-school student! Wakakaka… The key to perfect skin lies in a good skincare regime. SK-II combines the essence of Pitera with modern technology to develop special care products for every skin type — oily, dry, combination and etc. To learn more about SK-II, visit http://www.sk-ii.com.my/home.php

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