Home Alamanda Putrajaya Part 2 – I want a Pullman Suite!

*From Alamanda Putrajaya Part 1

Now where were we? Oh right…Pullman Hotel tour! This beautiful hotel is Putrajaya’s newest addition. It’s the embodiment of class with its stunning architecture, sleek innovation and plush rooms.

I liked the suite so much, I didn’t want to leave. They had to drag me out kicking and screaming. (No la…I was just pulling your leg! =P)

View from the suite

State-of-the-art fitness centre….

Poolside view

Chillin’ at the sundeck

It started raining, but that didn’t stop us from joining in the fun at Putrajaya Lakeside!

Belinda Chee gearing up for her water-ski session

By 6pm, we were back at Alamanda Shopping Centre for a treat at Manhattan Fish Market. I was so hungry, I wolfed down half a dozen sandwiches and (maybe a dozen?) calamari rings. Om nom nom nom. The outing ended with plenty of goodie bags and the screening of Avatar.

Are you man enough to handle all the fun and action? Head over to Alamanda Putrajaya and enjoy all that they have to offer. Thank you Advertlets and Alamanda Putrajaya! I had a good time…except the part when my arms and knees started to scab. ^___^

*Check out https://www.pullmanputrajaya.com/ and https://www.waterski.com.my/ for more info.