Home rif’s 24th Birthday Partyyyy…

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. rif had a great celebration. The boy had FOUR cakes. *jealous*His cousin bought him cupcakes from Wondermilk, Nomad & Unka bought him a pavlova from FBB and Vitya made him a chocolate dessert. I baked him a chocolate kahlua cake (recipe taken from the internet) not knowing he was going to have so many cakes.

Pardon the bad picture. I didn’t take a picture of the cake, so I had to crop it from the bigger picture

Unka helping me light the candles on the cake — cheapo candles melted super fast

The cake took 4 hours to bake. It wasn’t difficult to bake, but I don’t have the skills of Just Heavenly duo or Fatboybakes, so it took that long. I modified the recipe, and substituted water with Kahlua. After taking the cake out from the oven, I “fed” it by pouring kahlua all over it, including the sides. Oh, I used kahlua in the icing as well. I might as well call this a Kahlua Chocolate Cake, not Chocolate Kahlua Cake.

Despite its not-so-professionally-done look, I thought the cake was quite decent. Not bad la…for a first attempt. Oh, if you want, you can order the pavlova from FBB for RM75. The birthday boy was so happy with his cakes – look at his huge grin. Thank you all for coming. You guys made his day!

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