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I got the chance to try The Big Rajah‘s food at Skantha’s Deepavali open house recently, and found the food quite impressive. rif (who goes to the open house every year since he was young) raves about Tandoori chicken and mutton all the time, and this is coming from someone who complains about a lot of Tandoori chicken! I have to agree with him; this was one of the better Tandoori chickens I’ve tried. However, my favourite dish that night was the mutton varuval. The sauce was dry, fiery and thick, while the mutton pieces were nice and tender. Other exemplary dishes include the brinjal curry and the prawn sambal. No wonder rif loves to go to this open house! *burp*

Taken from their website:
“The Big Rajah specializes in fine Malaysian cuisine encompassing Indian, Malay, Chinese and Western food with a touch of Royal India. Only ingredients of the freshest and highest quality are used in our cooking, prepared in a clean and hygienic environment. Food tasting is carried out to ensure quality, delicious food always.”

The Big Rajah
1, Jalan 21/11,
Sea Park, 46300 PJ
Tel: 03 7877 7415, 7877 8670, 7873 7443, 7873 7445
Fax: 03 7873 7442