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Bovine Goodness!

Check out my article in StarMetro this month!

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  1. 550ml jar of faith

    Oh my, the pork mince looks mysterious! So dark… the goodness that beholds!

  2. boo_licious

    ahhh, another old fav. Been ages since I ate here. Brings back good memories but in recent years, I find the food extremely MSG-laden though.

  3. Bangsar-bAbE

    boo – Yup, I think the culprit is the soup… o_0

    550ml – Can also “tambah” pork mince….for extra shiokness!!

  4. thenomadGourmand

    famous rite this stall? why ppl still go tho its so heavy on MSG..?

  5. foodbin

    a landmark place for beef noodles.

  6. Sapuche

    I want some of anything with extra shiokness! In the photo, the minced pork in dark sauce looks like caviar! It’s interesting how they take commonly used ingredients and transform it into this dish. And I’m glad to see you’re still writing for The Star. I can’t wait to read your next article! Nice job!

  7. Bangsar-bAbE

    Sapuche – More reason for to come visit, no?

    Thanks, will do my best! 😉

    foodbin – Yup, I know of another place in Pandan Indah (near steven's corner) but I like this one better!

    thenomadGourmand – Nice & cheap? Banyak fames oh…I saw masak-masak's writeup on them LAMINATED and pasted on the wall! =P

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