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As the title says, rif can cook, and he does it quite well. =) I love it when he cooks dinner for me, because I’m sure I’ll be well fed.Since I’m on a burger hunt this month, rif caught the burger bug and decided to make HIS version of Ramli burger for dinner. If you think I must be sick of burgers by now, I’m not! Especially not rif’s version.

rif used to make burgers and hotdogs for me when we were in school. He fed me that almost every morning, which explains why I was FAT! Also, that silly boy would sell the same burgers and hotdogs to his friends for RM1. ONE freaking ringgit!!! How to make money you-tell-me?? o_0

He likes using herbs when he cooks, especially thyme, basil and oregano. The burger bun is buttered and lightly pan-fried till crisp at the sides. The patty is then pan-fried with oregano-infused butter for extra fragrance. rif beats the eggs with a dash of milk, salt and thyme. A slice of cheese is then added on top of the omelette before putting in the patty. Mayo is then slathered on top of the patty for extra ommph! Once the omelette is almost done, he wraps the patty and places it on top of the bun base. After a generous spread of mayo and a squeeze of BBQ sauce, the burger was ready! I eagerly bit into my burger and it was as good as always. The omelette wrap was deliciously fragrant and oozing with gooey cheese. The patty was slightly crisped on the outside (just the way I like it) and juicy on the inside.I greedily and shamelessly polished off two burgers. Heh! He also made a side of mashed potatoes with fried garlic bits. I love the crunchiness of the garlic in the mash. I was well fed and happy happy happy! How often can one eat good food made with love? =D

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