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Continuing with my burger posts, I decided to try the Ramly Burger at SS2 Mamak Square. Apparently, you can also get good fried lala there.
Unlike last week (OM Burger) where Jeen had a plain burger, I informed her 12 hours in advance so she took the Beef Special Cheese and rif, the Ayam Special Cheese.Wan, the burger chap was quite friendly and sportingly answered all my questions. While he uses local chili sauce (Puteri) for the burgers, the mayo and cheese are imported. On a good day, he sells between 100-150 burgers.

For blogging sake, I went for the Ayam DOUBLE Special Cheese. It has two chicken patties, a slice of cheese, a sunny side up, shredded onions & cabbage, mayo and chili sauce. rif and Jeen’s version had one patty each. This version is different from the Otai Burger and OM Burger. For my burger, the patty is fried in butter and he makes a sunny side up separately. He then assembles the burger in this manner:

Bun base + mayo + chili sauce + chicken patty 1 + sunny side up + cheese slice + chicken patty 2 + chili sauce + shredded vegetables + bun top.

Massive, I know. Again, it was hard to put the whole thing into my mouth. Tastewise, I thought it was better than average, but nothing spectacular. I would have preferred the egg to be wrapped around the patty, or at least one of them. The sunny side up was overdone making it rubbery. On top of that, the sauces used were not as liberal.rif and Jeen’s burger fared better because the egg is wrapped around the patty. I was disappointed because he added the cheese on below the egg-wrapped patty instead of putting it inside. This makes the burger less juicy, less sloppy and less fulfilling.

*For those who are greedier than myself, Wan also does a TRIPLE Cheese Special as per request. So knock yourselves out!

Price: 6.75/10
Taste: 7.5/10
Verdict: Satisfying, but something is still missing.

Open air mamak
Jalan SS 2/60
Petaling Jaya

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