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Last Friday, Dan, Shum and I had our regular yum cha session after work at Killiney. Apart from random talks and plans for the weekend, Dan said something we couldn’t stop laughing about. It was about Shum’s friend…Hanim.

(Hanim, don’t angry ya…this is just for laughs, AND…it’s a compliment!)

Mei Shum ah…you know that girl that came with us for the Miss Marigold Body Beautiful thing? Her name is Hanim right?

Mei Shum: Yeah…what about her?

Errrr…well…she’s not bad la. (He had his dreamy eye look already) Her smile makes me melt.

Mei Shum & Bangsar-bAbE: 0_0
(and then we burst out laughing…Dan is so cheesey!!)