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rif and I went to PD with his college mates last weekend for our yearly BBQ session. He was in charge of marinating the food since he does it the best. Seriously, ask any of his friends and they can attest to that. His lamb chops and chicken wings are always delicious and tender.We started the fire at 6pm and got down to BBQ-ing around 7-ish. rif manned the BBQ pit most of the time. I was there eating all the good stuff he grills…kekeke.(and also feeding him lah!)The chicken was pretty good; rif marinated it just the way I want it. Loads of chili powder, some pepper and the rest of the ingredients I don’t know of (Must ask him yourself). It was juicy and tender, as he kept coating it with butter as he barbequed. Finger-licking good!rif’s lamb chops were a hit! Juicy, tender and just the right done-ness, the bits of lamb fats (beautifully flavoured by the marinade) literally melts in your mouth. It tasted so good on its own that I didn’t bother dipping it with the mint sauce provided. (Excuse the dirty plates. We didn’t have enough so we kept recycling them *shy*) rif claims that it’s his special recipe, so you’ll have to beg and grovel for it…nyek nyek nyek. The burnt lamb chops below belongs to Yi Bin. He charred them while BBQ-ing….why la Yi Bin?? *grins*We also had barbequed squid which rif prepared in 2 different ways; spicy chili squid and honey squid for his friend who can’t take too spicy food. The spicy squid was marinated overnight with chili powder, curry leaves, and lime juice. rif squeezed more lime juice on it while it was being barbequed. It was delicious. The squid was soooo tender and the lime juice gave it the extra oomphh, especially the head. Yummm…. The honey squid was also really good. The honey marinade helped enhanced the natural flavours and freshness of the squid. No photo of it as I was busy stuffing my face with glorious food before realizing I had forgotten to take a picture of it. Too bad he only made one batch of that.There were also squid balls, chicken balls, 4 different types of sausages, crabsticks, chips and roasted marshmallows to finish with. The marshmallows were crispy on the outside and soft & goey on the inside…yummmm…I really enjoyed the food, especially because they were painstakingly prepared by rif. It is something I get to indulge in once a year. He should do BBQs more often, then I can eat his lamb chops more often. :P

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