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I gave a dress to my colleague (let’s call her AB) to alter as it was too long. She agreed to do it absolutely F.O.C. Yay! Better than me having to go to bloody ZA Altera and wait two freakin’ weeks just for them to take 2 inches off the dress…and get charged RM 15 for their “labour”. 0_0

AB gave me back my dress the next morning all sewed up nicely and just the length I wanted. Lady boss walked past us and saw the dress. She then asked AB to help fix her dress. There was a small rip at the waist. She initially wanted to go to a tailor for get it done but since AB can sew pretty well, she asked if AB could do it for her.

Lady boss said, “I wanted to go to the tailor to fix it but too expensive for a tiny hole la…I don’t want to pay that much.”. When AB was looking at the hole, boss then said, “Eh, you do properly ah…this dress very fragile oh…if cannot do then I sent to tailor…I don’t mind paying”.

WTF? First she said so expensive to fix the hole…then she said she doesn’t mind paying. If like that then take your “fragile” dress and go to the tailor la! Since you make so much money from our labour every month (and pay us peanuts)…..