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Keleti Station, Budapest

We reached Budapest at 4.45pm. Went to the money changer in the train station for some Hungarian Forint. It’s better to go to the money changers outside the train station. They give much better rates. We didn’t know that so we lost quite a bit of money in the exchange.

By the time we got to our accommodation, I was super tired. Went to a convenient store down the road to get some instant soup and pasta for dinner since we had a kitchen. After dinner, we went straight to bed.
; id=The next morning, we went around exploring the city. Our first stop was the Basilica of St. Stephen. It is Budapest’s largest church accommodating more than 8000 worshippers. We walked along Váci utca street to shop for some souvenirs. Souvenirs in Budapest were sooooo expensive!! I thought they were ridiculously over-priced.

Váci utca street


Went to Vásárcsarnok, also known as the Central Market Hall. It is the largest market hall in Budapest opened at the end of the 19th-century. This is the place to go for an amazing variety of fresh produce, meat, fruits and flowers. It’s best to visit in the morning if you want to see it in full swing.

Stalls selling Hungarian spices

Huge variety of salamis

This three-story market was crowded with locals and tourists browsing among stalls packed with salamis and red-paprika chains. rif and I went ga-ga over the salamis and bought 5 huge salami sausages! The lady vendor thought we were nuts.

Huge selection of Hungarian food

Upstairs the market, there’s plenty of folk embroideries and souvenirs and a huge variety of Hungarian-style fast food (like our mix-rice/chap fan in KL) at affordable prices. We ordered a plate of Pörkölt (Hungarian Stew) with potatoes to share since we already had lunch earlier. No pictures here as I got greedy and attacked the plate. I only realised we didn’t take a picture of it once our plate was licked clean. :P

Deciding on my langos flavour :P

Langos with sour cream and cheese

After the Pörkölt, I spied a stall with a very long queue selling langos so I joined the line..hehe. Langos (one of their specialties) is a type of fried dough. We tried it with sour cream and cheese. It tasted very much like our local Yau Char Kwai but less oily. :)

Greed :)

We also bought a big bunch of very sweet and plump grapes to munch while shopping. We enjoyed the food and experience so much that I asked rif to bring me back here for lunch the next day.

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