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San Francisco Steakhouse, Subang Jaya

San Francisco Steakhouse, Subang Jaya

Traffic is hellish everywhere when it approaches Chinese New Year, don’t you all agree? It took me an hour to get to Jaya Square from Bangsar via NPE. I remember going through the same jam last year, as the sau kung dinner was held in the same restaurant – San Francisco Steakhouse. During this time […]

January 4, 2012

Vineyards Direct Malaysia

“Merlot is the third most planted grape in the world,” said winemaker James Irvine at a wine tasting event held by Vineyards Direct last month. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I usually buy wines to drink, not to invest. Vineyards Direct is a fine wines Investment Company that offers investors a lower price […]

D’Ceilo, Jalan Bangkung
December 14, 2011

D’Ceilo, Jalan Bangkung

When D’Ceilo replaced Tea for Two in Jalan Bankung, I was very excited. The place seems to have retained its cosy ambiance and the new owners spruced up the al fresco dining area. While waiting for my date, I sipped on a cup of flat white which had a chocolatey aftertaste. After a few queries, […]

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