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September 3, 2013

Our Home Chandelier

Our home has been a work in progress ever since we got our keys in March and from lighting to bedding to kitchen, rif and I have been pretty hands on throughout. We even sought advice from three interior designers for some ideas on how to do up our place. All three designers suggested a […]

August 21, 2013

Home Updates

It’s been a crazy few weeks for both rif and I, as we’ve been going through details, looking at furniture and all the nitty gritty things for our new home. While I’m excited about finally having my own place (and kitchen), the entire process is tedious and sometimes, frustrating. The developer’s contractor finally fixed most […]

Choosing The Right Bed

rif and I have been looking around and seeking opinions for a new bed, in preparation for our new home. As sleep is very important to me (I get 6 hours of sleep a day, sometimes less), I need a good bed – most importantly, mattress. After doing quite a number of hotel reviews and […]

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