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October 8, 2014

Of commitment and unconditional love

I was going through a pile of things in my room at my parent’s yesterday, when I saw our wedding cake topper safely tucked and sealed. Today marks the 3rd year of us signing the papers as husband and wife (*blogpost here) and a day we’ve been looking forward to despite a tough year. One […]

Wedding Summary

I still get emails from people regarding my wedding i.e.: how much was the wedding dinner, how much did I pay for flower décor, where did I get my dresses, my bridesmaids dresses, my shoes, my makeup artist, my hairstylist, my alcohol, my cake…etc. A few asked about the subject of ang pau, which I […]

FEATURE: Our Wedding in KL Lifestyle
January 5, 2012

FEATURE: Our Wedding in KL Lifestyle

A bit of self pimping: Go check out our wedding feature in KL Lifestyle, January 2012 issue! 🙂

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