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September 18, 2012

Shige Hair Salon: Japanese Gel Polish Review

Contrary to what people think, I’ve never been a girly girl. I don’t own a hairdryer and I usually make do with the soaps provided by hotels when I travel. While I’m very conscious about my appearance, I prefer to be practical. Waxing, threading, haircuts and dentist visits are a necessity, but I’m quite slack […]


My first taste of Oreo was at age 14, when a classmate offered me one. One bite and I was hooked. Back then, Kraft was giving out a free pencil case for every 2 packets purchased. Mine was yellow. rif broke it in that same week. I was so mad at him and we weren’t […]

PJ Half Marathon & PUMA

I accidentally signed up for the PJ Half Marathon out of kiasu-ness and am now regretting it. I can’t run fast and I dislike running unless there’s a hot hunk next to me. While I clock 7-10km on the treadmill + walking to work and lunch daily, I do it at my own pace. The […]

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