Work musings and about being Malaysian…


I’ve been doing a fair bit of travel for work. Not every week but often enough to miss home and miss hanging out with my loved ones. Leisurely coffee sessions are hard to come by and my days are spent dealing with corporate egos. Doing what I do allows me to see the kind of [...]

VCR Coffee, Kuala Lumpur


As the blog turns 7 in a few months, I recall the wonderful times I’ve had, life experiences I’ve gained along the way, friends I’ve made and wonderful opportunities I’ve been presented with. Alas, it hasn’t been smooth sailing throughout. With success comes great responsibility, and not to mention haters. I’ve learnt that there is no [...]

Work-Life Balance


One of my latest pet peeves is when people come up to me (while I’m at work) and ask for good food places to explore. I think the basis of my annoyance isn’t because they asked, but because I haven’t had much time to explore given my current work schedule. It’s frustrating really, when the luxury of time [...]

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