Work-Life Balance


One of my latest pet peeves is when people come up to me (while I’m at work) and ask for good food places to explore. I think the basis of my annoyance isn’t because they asked, but because I haven’t had much time to explore given my current work schedule. It’s frustrating really, when the luxury of time [...]

The week that was…


I always wonder if a bigger job title with more responsibilities would do me any good. I could definitely use a bigger salary and all the benefits that comes along with that job title. But it would mean I won’t have time for my loved ones and friends, let alone this blog. That also means [...]



It was as exciting past week for me and one that gave me a little bit of recharge. I saw new things, ate good food and enjoyed some alone time to reflect. Made me realise how little time I gave to myself the past year or so, and how mentally exhausted I was. Some pictures [...]

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