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Restaurant attire – Do we dress appropriately?

A few weeks ago, I posted my thought on how disrespectful and distasteful it is for some to wear slippers to a fancy restaurant. And it caused a furore among fans and trollers alike. I was criticised and insulted for that remark and it shocked me to discover how many in Malaysia champion informality to an […]

October 10, 2014

The Accident

Many have been asking why I was hospitalised and why I have a wound on my forehead. And I was getting tired of people speculating so here’s the account of what happened. Also, for those who can’t stop asking me about scarring, yes, it will scar. And for those who are weirdly and stupidly concerned […]

October 6, 2014

Staying Home

I’ve been on a week-long medical leave following my accident and while the rest was useful for my recovery, I was beginning to feel restless. The bruises are (still) horrible and while the stitches were removed, I have to deal with an inch long scar on my forehead. Something I’ll need to get used to […]

September 14, 2014

Work musings and about being Malaysian…

I’ve been doing a fair bit of travel for work. Not every week but often enough to miss home and miss hanging out with my loved ones. Leisurely coffee sessions are hard to come by and my days are spent dealing with corporate egos. Doing what I do allows me to see the kind of […]

VCR Coffee, Kuala Lumpur

As the blog turns 7 in a few months, I recall the wonderful times I’ve had, life experiences I’ve gained along the way, friends I’ve made and wonderful opportunities I’ve been presented with. Alas, it hasn’t been smooth sailing throughout. With success comes great responsibility, and not to mention haters. I’ve learnt that there is no […]

Work-Life Balance

One of my latest pet peeves is when people come up to me (while I’m at work) and ask for good food places to explore. I think the basis of my annoyance isn’t because they asked, but because I haven’t had much time to explore given my current work schedule. It’s frustrating really, when the luxury of time […]

The week that was…

I always wonder if a bigger job title with more responsibilities would do me any good. I could definitely use a bigger salary and all the benefits that comes along with that job title. But it would mean I won’t have time for my loved ones and friends, let alone this blog. That also means […]

February 24, 2014


It was as exciting past week for me and one that gave me a little bit of recharge. I saw new things, ate good food and enjoyed some alone time to reflect. Made me realise how little time I gave to myself the past year or so, and how mentally exhausted I was. Some pictures […]

February 15, 2014


“You’re free to make your own choices, but you’re not free to choose the consequences.” As we grow older, we’re faced with the constant need to make choices. It can be as easy as which ice cream flavour to pick or what clothes to wear for work, to tougher ones like who you open your […]

January 4, 2014

My New Year’s Eve Celebration

For New Year’s Eve, rif and I decided to stay in and have a few close friends over. Last year, we had no mood to celebrate because we were robbed just a day before and I was super paranoid about leaving the house. It was a potluck party so I made devil curry chicken from […]

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