The week that was…


I always wonder if a bigger job title with more responsibilities would do me any good. I could definitely use a bigger salary and all the benefits that comes along with that job title. But it would mean I won’t have time for my loved ones and friends, let alone this blog. That also means [...]



It was as exciting past week for me and one that gave me a little bit of recharge. I saw new things, ate good food and enjoyed some alone time to reflect. Made me realise how little time I gave to myself the past year or so, and how mentally exhausted I was. Some pictures [...]


“You’re free to make your own choices, but you’re not free to choose the consequences.” As we grow older, we’re faced with the constant need to make choices. It can be as easy as which ice cream flavour to pick or what clothes to wear for work, to tougher ones like who you open your [...]

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